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Ivy Park hints at new cowboy-themed collection

By Rachel Douglass

Aug 6, 2021


Image: Ivy Park Instagram

Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park line will be going down the wild west route for its upcoming collection.

The brand, once again collaborating with Adidas, began hinting at the cowboy theme through its Instagram, posting imagery of all-denim looks and the usual sportswear pieces. The campaign will centre specifically around Black cowboy and rodeo culture, with a collection including a mix of casual wear and sports attire.

The first campaign film features Emmy-winning actor Glynn Turman, sporting an all-denim co-ord set complete with the iconic Adidas stripes. The clip, also including Turman’s granddaughter Melinda, shows shots of the two riding horses, snaps of various ranch imagery and aesthetically pleasing scenes of the American countryside.

Accompanying each post are stories of individual experiences either with horses or other rodeo related activities. Two dynamic campaign images feature rodeo ropers showing off their skills, both describing their upbringings and skill in the sport in the captions.

In a post of Melinda and her grandfather, the caption reads: “Passing on the legacy of the American Black Cowboy is very important to me. The life lessons I have gained working with horses has taught me humility, respect and the ability to be vulnerable. You learn quickly that too much ego and pride will land you in the dirt! I am blessed to represent a secret part of American history by being a modern-day Black cowgirl.”

The campaign joins the line of solid marketing techniques from the Ivy Park company, known for its PR stunts and influential social media presence. Previous releases have involved lavish PR packages sent to prestigious celebrity friends of Beyoncé herself, with whole wardrobes containing entire collections delivered to the front doors of Hollywood elites.

There is not yet a release date for the upcoming collection, but it is likely avid fans of the singer’s brand are already getting their wallets at the ready for the drop day.

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