JAKE hosts Chinese-inspired fashion collection at Hotbed Gala

Menswear brand Jake recently participated in the Hotbed Gala where arts and fashion come together for a worthy cause. The 6th Annual Hotbed Gala served as a benefit for Planet Hope to support both an outreach and love of culture at Tiburon, California.

Bringing a fashion aspect to the event, Project Runway designer Jake Wall featured a runway show with his San Francisco-based brand JAKE. The custom suiting bespoke brand featured 24 looks total, including 12 menswear and 12 womenswear looks. All with an inspiration from Chinese culture, these styles debuted at the gala as a Indochine Collection inspired by the animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

JAKE hosts Chinese-inspired fashion collection at Hotbed Gala

"HOTBED Gala is a unique evening where the Drever Family Foundation and Maxwell Drever, in particular, opens his home in an effort to celebrate the arts. It is an honor to have been selected to be the capstone of the artistic offerings in the evening with the world premiere of our new JAKE Indochine Collection. What better way to share this collection with the world than with a runway set along the iconic San Francisco coast on an evening that is about art for the sake of art," Wall said of the event.

The gala also included performance artists of all kinds influenced from Ancient China. The courtyard was transformed into a Chinatown marketplace in order to serve as a fitting venue for the silent auction including several items such as a fringed Tina Turner dress. As the sixth annual gala, the event helps outreach to provide educational resources to the homeless, abused, and terminally ill. Combining humanitarian efforts with the arts, the Hotbed Gala is one way to fashion has tied in with its community.

Photo credits: Kyle Chesser