Joe's Jeans and Silver Jeans Co. just announced that they were partnering with Fitcode. Following Hudson Jeans, the two denim companies are teaming up with the fashion-data platform for their customers.

Fitcode allows for customers to take a fit quiz that will help analyze a perfect fit in terms of jeans. The experience will be on and In addition to the quiz, the partnership will also recommend personalized styles for specific body types. The brands plan to launch Fitcode on their sites later this month with no set official date. The launch coincides with fall styles that are coming out later on this year as well.

"After seeing the results from the Fitcode integration on our site, this decision was simple," said Mike G Girardin, director of e-commerce at Silver Jeans Co.™ and JAG Jeans, an existing Fitcode partner. "Users converted at four times their normal rate. Fitcode took care of all the heavy lifting, and of all the technical integrations we've done to date, this was by far the easiest."

After Fitcode integrated with Hudson Jeans in fall 2016, it seems other denim companies are following suit. JAG Jeans added Fitcode in February 2017 and AG in April 2017. Joe's Jeans and Silver Jeans Co. will be the two latest denim companies to add the customer-enhancing experience.





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