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Jordan Brand, Hibbett, Nice Kicks drop latest in sneaker culture series

By Rosalie Wessel

Nov 12, 2021


Image: Demetri Sheffield

Retailer Hibbett, sneaker platform Nice Kicks and Nike’s Jordan Brand have dropped the latest episode of Small-Town Sneakerhead, a sneaker culture series.

Featuring Inder Lahil, a sneakerhead who lives in Texas the newest episode has been released in two parts across digital channels and social platforms belonging to Hibbett and Nice Kicks.

Filmed in Lahil’s town, the episodes are always narrated by the sneakerhead themselves. Lahil, who lives in Murphy, Texas, and has roots in India, discusses his passion for sneakers, how he started collecting and the reason behind his dedication to Jordan Brand.

“In my opinion,” said Lahil, “Jordan Brand goes out of its way to produce a sneaker that really puts you in a certain mental space and I want my collection to be associated with that.”

Lahil’s collection of sneakers amasses to around 50 pairs. He began collecting shoes at the age of eighteen, and says that a strong message and story is vital to his purchasing of sneakers. Lahil also explains why despite the lack of sneaker culture in Murphy, he is still an avid sneaker collector.

“Being a sneakerhead means more of a lifestyle to me and it’s about being someone who is willing to educate the world about the meaning behind certain pairs like why the Bred 1s, the Black toe or the Chicago do not look the same,” said Lahil.

The sneaker culture series was launched in 2020 through a collaboration by Hibbet, Jordan Brand and Nice Kicks. It focuses on small town sneaker collectors across America.

“We are excited to share Inder’s story on Small-Town Sneakerhead and continue to showcase the diversity and unique backgrounds of the people who are most passionate about sneakers,” said VP of marketing at Hibbett, Sarah Sharp-Wangaard. “Inder shows us that sneaker culture has no barriers, even bridging like-minded people across continents and we hope everyone who watches the series will be as inspired as we are.”