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Karl Lagerfeld drops NFT collectibles

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Karl Lagerfeld

Luxury fashion house Karl Lagerfeld has announced the launch of two NFT collectibles.

The collectibles are to be launched on the Web3 digital fashion marketplace, The Dematerialised. The new collectibles follow a previous successful release of three NFT figurines which sold out in minutes.

The NFt were designed in collaboration with London-based street artist, Endless. 500 figurines of one NFt will be released for 100 euros, called KLxEndless. A more exclusive version - KL7xEndless - will be available for 777 euros, with only 7 editions up for grabs.

Both NFTs are of Karl Lagerfeld’s Ikonik likeness, and are wearing prints made by Endless. The figurines will also act as access passes to an exclusive Karl Lagerfeld event, with the more exclusive KL7xEndless including an invitation to a cocktail party with a performance by Endless.

Owners of KLxEndless figures will be able to access the digital highlights of the event, which will include the Endless performance and behind the scenes footage.

“As Karl was always fully immersed in the cultural relevance of the here-and-now, with this latest drop, Karl Lagerfeld continues to break new ground and create incredible experiences for our consumers. This launch represents the next exciting chapter on our journey into the digital sphere,” said Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of Karl Lagerfeld.

The newest NFTs also allow consumers to interact with the digital Karl in an augmented reality environment, and also to share images with the hashtag, PosewithKarl, much like with the brand’s previous release of NFTs.

“With the launch of Karl x Endless NFTs, we hope to continue in his footsteps, pioneering a future of what is possible when the worlds of art and fashion collide,” said Endless. “We are at the start of making tomorrow’s virtual world a creative world.”

The collectibles will launch on December 17.

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