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Kohl's announces sustainability targets for 2025

By Robyn Turk


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Kohl's has put a focus on climate action, waste, recycling and sourcing as its next batch of sustainability goals. The American retailer has announced goals it hopes will accelerate its commitment to long-term sustainability.

According to a press statement, Kohl's developed its goals leveraging practices and decisions that support the objectives of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

For its focus on climate action, Kohl's aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its operations by 50 percent, using its emissions from 2014 as a baseline, by 2025. Also by 2025, Kohl's intends to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent at all facilities.

Kohl's is also looking at waste management and reduction as an area of opportunity. By the end of 2025, the retailer hopes to divert 85 percent of U.S. operational waste from landfills and label all of its branded packaging with an instructional label to help consumers with recycling.

Lastly, Kohl's is looking into sustainable sourcing. Its goals include achieving 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton in all of its proprietary brands by 2025 and achieving 50 percent of polyester products from Kohl’s proprietary brands to be made with recycled materials.

“At Kohl's we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, making our communities stronger by supporting initiatives and organizations that focus on health and wellness, sustainability, and environmental efforts that benefit all families,” said Michelle Gass, Kohl’s chief executive officer. “We are proud to share our sustainability goals that support Kohl’s efforts to enhance our standing as a retailer of purpose.”

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