The denim industry is continuing to work towards circularity and sustainability. Kontoor Brands, the global lifestyle apparel company that owns iconic denim labels Wrangler and Lee has achieved zero-waste designation for all of the distribution centers it owns in North America. This new designation means that at least 95 percent of the waste from each facility will be recycled, composted or reused.

The most recent Kontoor facility to reach zero-waste status was its location in Mexico City. The company's facilities in Texas, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina and Oklahoma had all already achieved the status.

To achieve zero-waste status in each facility, Kontoor has prioritized "efficient use of materials and conservation of natural resources," according to a company statement. The company said that it standardizes waste reporting across all facilities to share and implement new opportunities for waste diversion improvement.

“Waste reduction and the responsible use of natural resources are key components to Kontoor’s sustainability efforts,” Randy Fortenberry, Kontoor's vice president of supply chain, said in a statement. “Reaching and maintaining a zero-waste designation at our North American distribution centers is an important milestone in our commitment to having a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.”

Kontoor aims to reach a zero-waste designation for all of its distribution centers globally and further reduce waste in product design, manufacturing facilities, retail stores and corporate offices.





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