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L’Eclaireur and French labels launch virtual shopping community

By Sara Ehlers

Sep 9, 2015

French-based companies recently unveiled a new platform to connect shoppers in a more direct way through a virtual space. The concept, entitled “Circle of Faith,” launched earlier today at L’Eclaireur stores and will be launching in Los Angeles.

Within the next year the concept will expand to Korea, Hong Kong and other areas internationally. In partnering with boutiques globally, France-based label Faith Connexion was able to create an online community. One of the retail stores that the label chose to partner with include Le Royal Eclaireur. The new retail model was established in order to create a strengthened bond between the speciality boutiques and the brands. The stores participating in the e-commerce platform will have direct access to select retailers’ merchandise and also will receive commission when new customers come in. The companies decided to partake in this e-community to make their merchandise more readily available for its customers. With the new platform, customers can scan the actual tag of the garment through the brand’s app and get the item shipped to their house within 48 hours. The core idea of the model is to engage audiences through creativity and efficiency.

L’Eclaireur established itself as a brand in 1980 by founder Armand Hadida. The year, the company opened its first boutique on Champ Elysees. Within the next following year, the brand opened more and more boutiques along with the success of the company. L’Eclaireur is known for distributing brands such as Prada, Helmut Lang, John Galliano, and more. The store offers menswear, womenswear, home decor, and more.