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LA Apparel partners with Tukatech to help grow business

By Sara Ehlers


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With his new company, Dov Charney has just announced a fresh partnership. The entrepreneur has tapped Tukatech in order to help set up affordable systems in manufacturing and design.

After his downfall with American Apparel, Charney worked to start a new company entitled LA Apparel. The brand has worked to have a quicker manufacturing turn-around, using all-American made textiles, and by using less material waste. In partnering with Tukatech, he has been able to automate more of the process to help his new startup. “I know Tukatech, they helped me set up a state of the art design and production systems with Tukacad, Tuka 3D for virtual samples, automatic fabric spreaders, automatic cutters for production, Smartmark that saves me time and fabric, even a laser cutter for my development. Without these affordable systems, making in LA will be just a dream,” said Charney.

By providing fashion design software and technology solutions, Tukatech is helping to create a more efficient system for LA Apparel. “While designing the game plan for the new operation, Dov and I sat down and worked a plan to automate every possible step, I love his energy and his passion, adding his knowledge of yarns to fabrics to products to fit is absolutely a unique formula for success,” said Ram Sareen, chief executive officer and founder Tukatech.

LA Apparel will continue as a basics apparel manufacturer and distributor. Similar to his past endeavor, Charney has been working on this new company that will retail t-shirts, sweatshirts, bodysuits, swimwear, and more. With the new partnership, it seems that the company will be growing sooner than expected.

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