Austrian textile company Lenzing recently just launched a new partnership with ShopStyle for a denim project. In collaboration with the shopping search engine, the two have launched The Tencel Denim Shop.

The virtual shop, which lives at ShopStyle, serves as a one-stop way for customers to find their perfect pair of denim jeans. Using Tencel’s fibers to create high-quality denim, the shop includes various brands of jeans including Mavi, NYDJ, Bella Dahl, the Blue Shirt Shop and more. “This shop connects directly with consumers who are seeking distinctively comfortable denim products,” Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development of Denim at Lenzing, said in a statement. “This campaign highlights those attributes and appeals to consumers interested in making educated buying decisions,” Carey stated. The materials are made from natural materials are are almost 100 percent recyclable. The project serves as a way for Shopstyle to incorporate sustainability within stylish denim.

With over 45 denim styles, the e-commerce shop highlights Tencel’s lyocell fiber which creates a softness for the jeans. In its launch, the company is also collaborating with various editorial companies such as Fashionista, Refinery29 and more to highlight this project. The Tencel Denim Shop is available now on ShopStyle through its e-commerce site.





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