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Levi's launches denim buyback program, SecondHand

By Robyn Turk


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Levi Strauss & Co. has introduced its shoppers to SecondHand, a recommerce site that buys back unwanted Levi's items and resells quality second hand denim.

"Levi’s SecondHand keeps coveted pieces in circulation," the company explained on its website. "It’s all about connecting people to timeless styles they otherwise may not have found, and most importantly, saving clothing from going into a landfill. Old denim has never looked better."

Customers may drop off unwanted Levi's items at participating stores in exchange for a gift card. The company will professionally clean and sort the returned denim, which will then be sold through its new SecondHand online store.

Shoppers can now find vintage and recently-made secondhand Levi's pieces through the site, with prices ranging from 30 dollars for a pair of "mint condition" jeans to 297 dollars for a vintage denim jacket.

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