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Levi's teams with Snapchat for augmented reality shopping experience

By Robyn Turk


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Levi’s is offering a limited edition denim Mickey Mouse hat, only available at its retail location in Orlando’s Walt Disney World Disney Springs. Even though the item is exclusive to the Levi’s brick and mortar location, the hat must be purchased online via Snapchat. This omnichannel shopping feature allows consumers an augmented reality experience within a traditional retail space.

When in the store, shoppers are able to scan a Snapcode on their Snapchat app, which activates a feature on the app that allows them to see an augmented reality image through the app and try the hat on. From there, shoppers can click a “shop now” icon that is powered by Shopify and allows them to purchase the hat for 25 dollars.

The Levi’s and Snapchat collaboration allows consumers almost immediate delivery in addition to the blended shopping experience. For those who purchase the hat before 4 p.m., Levi’s offers same-day delivery to Disney resorts and surrounding hotels. All others are eligible for two-day delivery.

Snapchat has teamed up with brands in the past to allow for augmented reality shopping experiences, including Adidas this summer and Nike earlier this year. The social media platform also launched a visual search tool in partnership with Amazon that allows the app’s users to search for a product through Amazon using a smartphone camera.