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Lexus and Salehe Bembury team up with Champion on apparel collection

By Rachel Douglass

Aug 17, 2021


Image: Lexus and Salehe Bembury

Automaker Lexus has teamed up with designer Salehe Bembury and athleticwear company Champion on a capsule collection inspired by Lexus cars.

The unisex collection includes three pieces: a hoodie, t-shirt and hat, each incorporated with elements of Bembury’s identity including his logo and signature fingerprint. The pieces will also feature graphics inspired by the Lexus brand and its NX vehicle, reimagining the brand’s logo and designs into clothing.

Using a blank canvas of Champion Reverse Weave pieces, Lexus and Bembury aimed to bring two distinctive styles together to challenge the status quo in the automotive industry. The collection comes as Lexus celebrates its next generation of cars, with the new Lexus NX vehicle serving as a point of inspiration for the designs.

The carmaker and designer used the Champion Reverse Weave collection because of its silhouette and storytelling ability, further boosting the collection’s narrative. Each piece has been dyed dark grey using a custom oil wash process, influenced by the Lexus NX exterior options. Tying the pieces together, each of the brand’s logos are used throughout the items, including Champion’s.

“This collaboration merges different design disciplines to create a modern collection rooted in heritage for fans across the three brands,” Jon Ram, global president of Champion Athleticwear, said in a statement. “As a brand that continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity, Champion is excited to work with Bembury and Lexus to elevate the conversation around design, fashion and technology.”

The collaboration is part of an ongoing partnership between Lexus and Bembury who, in April 2021, designed an enhanced car interior together in the company’s Virtual Interiors Program.