Lidl has been partnering with Heidi Klum for a while now. After releasing two collections already, the duo has returned for a third collection including an emphasis on denim.

This time, the collection is inspired from Heidi's heritage in America, with a focus on Los Angeles. The collection consists of denim pieces inspired from major cities including Malibu, Venice, and Hollywood. "I've always been a big fan of denim. You can combine it on so many occasions," Heidi Klum said in a statement, translated from its original message in Dutch. "Sometime casually, sometimes chic #LETSDENIM The collection reflects this diversity and can be varied to suit any style," said Klum.

The #LETSDENIM collection includes skinny jeans, casual jeans, blouses, jean jackets, and many more. The pieces also have fine knit pullovers, raincoats, striped t-shirts, and more. The collection also concludes metallic heels and leather jackets in order to reflect Heidi's lifestyle in Los Angeles.

The collection will be available starting March 5. The denim collection will be available at all Lidl stores as well as through its online site. Lido currently has over 10,000 Lidl stores and online shops. The collection will be available in 27 countries and the U.S. through Lidl's retail footprint.





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