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Luxury Streetwear Brand Kazuki Workshop Launches in NYC

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Credits: Image: Courtesy of Kazuki Workshop

Japanese designer Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska has officially launched Kazuki Workshop, a gender-neutral, made-to-order streetwear brand based in New York City.

After an extensive 27-year career in fashion, Kozuru-Salifoska set out to create her own brand that would be a reflection of her personal style, value-oriented perspective, and cultural roots. In addition to being a genderless label, Kazuki Workshop caters to a wide range of sizes with a brand-specific system in order to implement true inclusivity.

“In the traditional US sizing scale, there’s a clear divide between plus sizing and straight sizing,” said Kazuki in a press statement. “I wanted to treat every size equally. And to do that, I decided to create our own sizing system in which every size takes up the same amount of space on the sizing label and forgo the traditional 1X, 2X, 3X, etc.” Categorised under “female-boned” and “male-boned” sizing, the clothing is designed to correspond with any gender identity.

Japanese storytelling and Kozuru-Salifoska’s family history serve as the inspiration for both her brand and design. The Boxy Sweater Top, made from Eco-Viscose yarn, features a calligraphy motif from an ancient proverb, which translates to “Heaven’s cloth has no stitches”. The price ranges from 81 to 375 dollars, with the Boxy Sweater priced at 325 dollars.

Kazuki Workshop’s eagle feather logo is derived from her family crest, signifying a togetherness in the collective surrounding her brand. “I realise we are all striving to fit in, to create our own chosen family, which I like to refer to as my …Those who wear my brand are all an extension of my family and tribe,” said Kozuru-Salifoska in a press release.

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