Macaulay Culkin collaborates with Happy Socks

Happy Socks has collaborated with actor Macaulay Culkin for a new collection for the holiday season. Culkin, who is best known as a child actor in the Home Alone franchise, is synonymous with holiday pranks and shenanigans thanks to his beloved character Kevin McCallister. The Swedish lifestyle brand decided to give a more fashionable life to the characters antics with this collection.

“It’s not really the holidays unless there are socks under the tree, and Macaulay is on the TV screen. So we put the two together creating this weird and wonderful seasonal delight!“ Said Viktor Tell, co-founder and creative director of Happy Socks, in a statement.

“Both Happy Socks and I have really good taste in spokesman. But yeah, Christmas is my time of year. I get recognized 10x more between the months of November and January. I have no idea why!” Said Macaulay Culkin in a statement.

Titled Naughty or Nice, the collection features three pairs of socks designed by Culkin with his signature Bunny Ear motif with a holiday twist. When Culkin was asked to describe his holiday style, he told Happy Socks, "Long answer: I just like being warm. I like wearing a layered look, when people can see I’m wearing a shirt, sweater, jackets, and coat all at the same time. Scarves are great too. They come in a zillion different styles and you can tie them a zillion different ways. Short answer: My Happy Socks."

The collection is currently available at Happy Socks' Concept Stores,, and select retailers.

photos: courtesy of Factory PR





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