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Mango continues sustainable redevelopment with eco-denim line

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Mango

In continuation of its mission to reduce its environmental impact, Mango has unveiled a denim collection it has said holds 100 percent sustainable characteristics.

The line, made for all genders, utilises tie-dye techniques and EcoWash, a software that measures the environmental impact of jean washing and finishing.

Additionally, the Spanish retailer has brought forward its sustainability targets after it achieved the goal of producing 80 percent of all garments under its Committed label.

Items falling under this category are said to contain at least 30 percent sustainable fibres and have been manufactured using sustainable production processes in regulated factories. The company is aiming to ensure all of its garments are a part of this category by 2022.

Mango has also doubled its initial target for the use of polyester, now forecasting that 100 percent of its polyester will be recycled by 2025. It also plans to use 100 percent controlled and traceable cellulose fibres by 2025, bringing forward its original commitment by five years.

Other goals outlined by the company include publishing a Tier three factory list and eliminating plastic bags used to distribute products.

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