Marc Jacobs is being sued for copyright infringement. The American designer, who is no stranger to legal disputes, has been summoned by photographer Christopher Peterson for using a photograph featuring the model Bella Hadid wearing a Marc Jacobs sweatshirt on his Instagram without permission.

The case was filed on Sunday at the New York District Court and asserts that Marc Jacobs International LLC used the image to promote the brand’s clothing, having removed, or cropped, the photographer’s watermark from the photo.

In the age of Instagram and digital copyright, a designer cannot use images of celebrities wearing their clothes, no matter if the subject is dressed top to toe wearing your brand. The licensing and copyright are at the discretion of the photographer, who without granting permission, is not obliged to let others share the image, which is usually licensed for a fee.

As such, Peterson is seeking a financial settlement including statutory damages of up to 150,000 dollars in addition to 25,000 dollars “for each instance of false copyright management information and/or removal or alteration of copyright management information,” said the court filing.

Marc Jacobs has since removed the image from its Instagram account.

Article source Pacer Monitor, case Peterson v. Marc Jacobs International, L.L.C.





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