Mark McNairy and Five Four Club release summer "Camp McNairy" collection

Four Five Club, men’s fashion company, recently partnered with Mark McNairy for a collaboration summer capsule collection. The collection, entitled “Camp McNairy,” will be available for Four Five Club subscribers.

This serves as the men’s fashion company’s first designer collaboration. The collection is heavily influenced by activity of camping and an outdoors lifestyle. The limited edition capsule collection will be sent out in July as part of a package deal for subscribers. The collection will feature various apparel such as button-downs, graphic tees, trendy stores, and more. Four Five Club is known for its timeless, urban style with a youthful clothing apparel. Andres Izquieta, chief executive of Five Four Club believes that the new collection is eclectic, yet still casual in aesthetic. McNairy, known as an American fashion designer, focused on creating a collection that would suit the average, fashionable man. The overall look is “unique, yet very attainable for someone who is not very fashion forward,” Izquieta told the Observer.

Four Five Club currently has 85,000 subscribers. The delivery startup takes out the middleman of having men shop around for their apparel. The idea is to create an easier, more accessible way of shopping for menswear without all of the hassle. Every month, the club chooses and mails apparel based on upcoming trends. Men choose their style of fashion (classic, casual, forward, or mixed) when they sign up for the service. The SoCal-based men’s fashion company is based in Commerce. The new collection will be launching this month.





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