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Marlies Dekkers to 'Awaken Your Senses' with new brand signature

By Vivian Hendriksz

Oct 26, 2015


Whilst some designers chose to host a fashion show to mark their big comeback, Dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers took things one step further and celebrated her brand's relaunch in style on Friday, unveiling four distinct styles created around the theme 'Awaken Your Senses' in an elaborate cabaret dinner show at Villa Thalia, Rotterdam.

In honour of the Marlies Dekkers relaunch, which coincidences with the designer's 50th birthday next month, the theatre was transformed into the 'Marlies|Dekkers Clubnight' for one night, which saw trained dancers, acrobats, a string quartet and choir take to the stage to present the new collection. The new collection, which features a new signature shoulder strap that follows on from Marlies Dekkers iconic double strap, is based on four sensual female fantasies designed to stimulate and encourage women to be all they can be.

Marlies Dekkers relaunch encourages women to 'Dare to dream, dare to grow and dare to be'

"It is the time of the feminine feminist: strong and independent women are standing up and making their own choices, without social or societal restrictions," explained Marlies Dekkers in a press release on the source of her brand's new signature. "Femininity goes hand in hand with self-confidence; women can and dare to be sexy and seductive. To help them in their journey to discover their own sexual fantasies, I have begun writing sensual stories. In eroticism all senses are put edge and I aim to stimulate them with not only through my stories, but especially with the lingerie sets which sprung from my own fantasies."

Each set from the new collection is crafted from material that is usually associated with outerwear, such as leather, denim, silk and pinstripe as the designer flips conventional thinking of what lingerie can be. The new styles feature Marlies Dekkers new shoulder strap that is said to be a first in the lingerie field. With names like Calamity Jane, Gloria, Femme Fatale and Mulholland Drive, each set also links to a fantasy written by Marlies Dekkers herself, which were read able during the launch show.

"Starting from a certain mood, I went in search of the ideal bra which would suit it," continued Marlies Dekkers. "If I was feeling daring and in the mood for an exciting evening, then I wanted to wear the perfect leather bra that not only fits me well, but is also fashionable. I have succeeded in creating the Rolls Royce of leather bras, with my signature perfect fit as well a exciting design. I went on to apply the same principles to my other bras made from denim, silk and pinstripe so that each set incorporates its own fantasy."

Marlies Dekkers reveals new brand signature designed to stimulate all senses

The relaunch show, which highlighted the brands new signature and handwriting, comes two years after Marlies Dekkers was declared bankrupted and made an immediate restart. In early August, 2013, it became clear the iconic lingerie brand was swimming through a period of financial difficulty, as Marlies Dekkers reported losses of 2.9 million euros for the financial year 2012. The brand was officially declared bankrupted by the Dutch court in Rotterdam later that month, but was able to make a direct restart thanks to the support of investment funds Karmijn Kapitaal.

Although she was forced bring her stand alone store number back down to 6 and let go of hundreds employees, Marlies Dekkers was able to keep her eponymous brand afloat by focusing the bulk of her business online and overseas, where celebrities such as Rihanna and Katy Perry ensured the brand was in high demand. Since her brand's restart two years ago, Marlies Dekkers has been able to focus on the creative side of her label as Eppo Van Berckelaer stepped in to take over the reigns as Chief Executive Officer. "It suits me good, this way of running business. I had a need and the desire to immerse myself creatively," said Dekkers to FashionUnited NL on the appointment of the new CEO.

With a new signature, as well as a new brand direction, collection and motto, which encourages women to 'Dare to dream, dare to grow and dare to be,' it is clear that Marlies Dekkers has succeeded in re-immersing herself and her brand.

Image Credit: Daniel Verkijk

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