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Marni set to host show in Tokyo on February 1

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Courtesy, Marni SS23

Italian luxury brand Marni has reportedly confirmed it will be holding a show in Tokyo, Japan, to unveil its autumn 2023 collection.

The label’s creative director Francesco Risso is said to have confirmed the news with WWD.

In an interview with the publication, Risso said: “A year ago, I decided to stage a series of travelling shows with our team and a crew of musicians to bring energy to different cities and give back to our friends and communities around the world. But these are not repeat shows.”

Risso added that the house’s goal was to be present in the “epicentres” of its communities.

The upcoming show is expected to welcome around 2,500 people, with the event itself set to celebrate the location, similar to the way the brand presented its first New York show in September.

Since branching into Japan in 2000, the country has become one of Marni’s most important markets.

Also speaking to WWD, chief executive officer of Marni Barbara Calò said that in 2022 the brand is expected to report a 30 percent increase in sales in the region, compared with 2021.

The market accounts for 23 percent of Marni’s total sales, the executive added.

Currently, the brand operates 28 points of sale in the country, including two freestanding stores, 23 shop-in-shops and three outlets.

Risso revealed a second flagship will be opening in Tokyo within the next two years, as part of Marni’s new store concept, which was first unveiled in Milan.

He further noted that he has planned four travelling shows in the series, but does not know where the next two shows will take place.

Risso ultimately suggested an idea to return to Milan in 2024, where the brand is based, to celebrate its 30th anniversary.