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Martine Rose named guest creative director of Clarks

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Image: Clarks

British shoe manufacturer Clarks taps London-based designer Martine Rose to redesign three existing styles, stepping into her new role as the brand’s first-ever guest creative director.

Rose’s namesake brand is known for reimagining ordinary silhouettes and staples; a code that will be carried over during her upcoming residency at Clarks. Her interpretations of the Classic Oxford, Woman’s Loafer, and Sandal offerings will debut at the Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2024 show in London this June.

The trio will be uniformed by the distinct distortion of the original silhouettes, in what is described as “puffed-up”, “squidgy”, and “swollen” renderings according to the press release. Following the runway presentation, the shoes will be available for purchase in March 2024 and will be marketed to all ages.

“Martine was top of our list of guest Creative Directors to partner with, due to her unconventional approach to design and development,” said Clarks Chief Marketing and Digital Officer Tara McRae in a press statement. McRae also cited her eccentric point of view, coupled with her British-Jamaican heritage, as other guiding characteristics core to the Clarks brand.

The designer’s collaboration is not only marked by the expertise of her own label but a longstanding, personal connection to Clarks as well. “I am proud to be working with a company that has such a rich heritage in British and Jamaican street culture,” said Rose in a press release, who has worn the brand “from childhood to now.”

Martine Rose