Moda 360 show debuts on the West Coast

On April 24th and 25th, the Moda 360 show debuted at the New Mart building in downtown Los Angeles. The 20,000 square foot event space in the fashion district was the show’s first appearance on the West Coast. The Moda 360 has previously been hosted in Philadelphia and New York.

“I tried it out in Philadelphia, on a much smaller scale,” said Deborah Pokallus, founder of Moda 360. “I figured [I’d] try the concept out, and the designers created these displays that were wonderful,” said Pokallus. Overall the responses from the show were positive, which told Pokallus that she could extend her show further. “People still respond to those pictures from that event, and I still use them on my postcards, and my mailers and the emails I send out,” said Pokallus.

Moda 360 show debuts on the West Coast

Moda 360: A Complete Fashion Revolution fills a need for the fashion industry by presenting fashion in a new, innovative way. “It’s a different perspective on fashion, but at the same time artistic,” said Pokallus. The exhibitors that were selected for the show were chosen by their collection, creative expressiveness, and overall presentation. The Moda 360 highlighted the best in art, design, fashion film, and international fashion through presenting runway shows, exhibits, and installations.

The show decided to partner with New Mart based on its location and moral foundation. “The New Mart brought contemporary fashion to a central location in L.A.,” said Pokallus. The historical landmark building supports local charities and encourages its tenants to do the same. The New Mart staff teamed well with Pokallus based on this shared effort to create something good out of the space and the fashion events. “The New Mart has very similar ideas to what the Moda 360 show’s foundation is based in, so it’s a good partnership,” said Ashleigh Kaspszak, director of marketing and public relations for the building.

Moda 360 show debuts on the West Coast

The New Mart is home to over 100 showrooms representing top fashion brands. The historic building is based in downtown Los Angeles located in the fashion district.





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