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Nature-inspired colors set to dominate Spring/Summer 2020

By Marjorie van Elven


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Mother Nature knows best. Even though trend forecasters Christine Boland, Tony Bannister and Christine Foden come from different parts of the world (Holland, Australia and the UK, to be exact), they all came to the same conclusion: nature-inspired color palettes will dominate fashion and interior design in the Spring/Summer of 2020.

The more consumers become aware of the impact of overconsumption on the environment and the effect of stress on our mental health, the more they will long to slow down and go back to basics. The colors, shapes and materials likely to gain popularity will therefore reflect this desire to rethink our habits and reconnect with nature.

Boland, Bannister and Foden were reunited in Amsterdam last week for a trend seminar organized by forecasting agency Appletizer. FashionUnited attended the event and shares its main takeaways.

Trend #1: Calming neutrals

Neutral colors such as off-white, cream and ecru were mentioned by all three experts as a big trend for the Spring/Summer of 2020. They will come in natural or sustainable materials such as linen, jute and organic cotton. Silhouettes will be structured and minimalist. “The kind of clothing that looks simple, but actually requires a lot of work to be made”, explained Boland. Tactility is a very important aspect in this theme: fabrics which are rustic in texture will be preferred. As for prints, they will also be reduced to their essence with discrete geometric patterns.

Photos: Magic Linen on Etsy; Christian Dada SS19; Damir Doma SS19 via Catwalk Pictures

Trend #2: Save the waves

Not only are consumers increasingly prone to use their wallets to protest against plastic pollution, they will also draw inspiration from the sea to obtain the tranquility they are longing for. Muted shades of aqua, turquoise and blue will be everywhere in Spring/Summer 2020, according to the trend forecasters, with red coming as an accent to all these pastels. Darker, deeper shades of blue reminiscent of the sea at night are also likely to rise. References to water will come in the form of ruffles, fluid fabrics and nautical prints as well.

Photos: Givenchy SS19, Stella McCartney Facebook, J. Crew Facebook, Christian Dior SS19, Jasper Conran SS19, Alberta Ferretti SS18 via Catwalk Pictures

Trend #3: Greenery

Greens obviously had to be part of the list, considering the Spring/Summer of 2020 will be all about being in harmony with nature. “But it’s nature infused with urban functionality”, adverted Foden, noting that dark forest greens and citric yellows will be spotted in items such as cargo pants, fishing vests and shirts with multifunctional pockets. “Utilitarian fashion is here to stay”, said Bannister, adding that this theme will also come to represent tech innovation, as green is likely to be paired with lightweight, technical fabrics.

Photos: Givenchy SS19 via Catwalk Pictures, Asos Facebook, Stella McCartney Facebook, Michael Kors SS19 via Catwalk Pictures

Trend #4: Feel the sunset

That beautiful mix of red, orange and fuchsia we sometimes see in the sky at sunset will be a huge source of inspiration in the Spring/Summer 2020, according to the three experts. Fiery reds, rusty brows, bright oranges and magentas will be combined with each other. Tony Bannister calls this theme “Atmospheric”, while Foden calls it “Heatwave”. Deserts, terracotta pots, cinnamon, ginger spice and burnt henna also help to visualize what this theme is about.

Photos: Zadig and Voltaire SS19, Elie Saab SS19, Agnona SS19, Blumarine SS19 via Catwalk Pictures

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