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Nike launches maternity collection

By Andrea Byrne



Nike has announced the launch of its first maternity collection.

The maternity line consists of a four-piece capsule including the Nike one tights, pullover hoodie, swoosh bra and tank top. Nike’s philosophy behind the collection is to help women as their bodies and their relationship with exercise change.

The design process of the collection was created by searching through more than 150,000 pregnancy comparison scans of non-pregnant women against those of pregnant women, and gathering details from nearly 30 female athletes who were also either pregnant or postpartum, according to Nike.

'Project of a lifetime'

Carmen Zolman, Nike senior design director for apparel innovation, said in a statement: “The more we listened to expecting mothers and postpartum mothers, the more we learned, reworked and innovated through inclusive design.

“It's the project of a lifetime to work in lockstep with all kinds of mothers to bring to life a capsule that truly supports women's relationship with sport during such a transformative time in their lives.”

Nike interviewed several professional athletes to achieve a greater understanding of what their collection needed for a woman going through this experience.

“When we [husband Jonnie West] were trying to get pregnant, there was definitely a thought in my mind, ‘Can my body actually do this? Can my body actually go through a pregnancy? I had gone through so many injuries, so many things wrong, that I really hoped my body would pull through and go through a healthy pregnancy and labor.

“I felt so accomplished after. I definitely have a greater appreciation for my body and more of an understanding of it,” said Michelle Wie West, Women’s Open Champion in a statement.

The Nike maternity collection launches in Africa, Europe and North America on September 17.

Photo credit: Nike website