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Nina B Roze debuts athleisure styles in LA for Style Fashion Week

By Sara Ehlers

Oct 19, 2015

Los Angeles - As international and local fashion week comes to a close, the last of the runway shows made their rounds in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Nina B. Roze, SoCal-based designer, was one of the remaining few who showcased off fashion that encompassed Los Angeles-inspired style.

Debuting for the first time at Style Fashion Week, Roze, founder and designer of her namesake label, showcased her wearable, utilitarian styles for the L.A. crowd. Exerting herself in the fashion world with a fresh take on runway fashion, Roze displayed her designs that emphasized athleisure fashion in a fresh, innovative way. The idea of Nina B. Roze designs is to empower women and accentuate their bodies in the right way. Her collection ranges from hoodies, sports bras, tanks, leggings, and other apparel that is geared towards activewear. On average, the price for her collection is approximately near 70 dollars, but goes up to about 130 dollars. The materials used for the garments include comfortable, mesh fabrics that are true-to-form as well as useful for athletic activities.

Style Fashion Week in LA comes to an end

Having owned and ran the business for four years, Roze already knows what her signature look is. Designed in 2012, her heart-designed leggings that include a design of a heart on the bottom-side of leggings is her go-to piece. “That’s really something people know me by,” said Roze. “[It’s] something that I create and recreate in new colors and new prints… I love playing with [various] details to create feminine shapes,” said Roze. In addition to her signature heart-pants, Roze experiments with feminine styles, soft fabrics, and vibrant prints for her work. In essence, her collection represents fashion-forward pieces that compliment women’s bodies throughout the day. “[The pieces] are really just made for a woman that feels amazing wearing leggings to work out and go out in,” said Roze. Her collection is comprised of soft, wearable pieces that are paired with strong, stand-out shapes.

The athleisure category of fashion is an ideal genre for Los Angeles locals, as SoCal is known for its active lifestyle. Roze’s collection capitalizes on the activewear community of L.A. In addition to making clothing attractive to locals, the entire collection is also made and designed in Los Angeles. “I truly support the aesthetic that we have here, and my color palette is L.A. friendly,” said Roze. The color palette for her collection includes a lot of neutral grays, blacks, and whites paired with subtle pinks, purples and feminine colors.

Nina B Roze showcases LA culture and fashion through activewear

Although Roze has lived in Los Angeles for 23 years, she originated from Ukraine where she spoke fluent Russian. Most of her collection is inspired by her current surroundings, however she does incorporate some of her upbringing and culture into it. “I feel like my collection really has that Los Angeles vibe to it, but also a bit of European flare,” said Roze. Even with her Ukraine-influence, the collection is still primarily aimed towards the L.A. crowd with easygoing, comfort pieces.

She started her collection four years ago after getting her education in fine art and fashion design. Roze completed her bachelor’s at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. From there, Roze learned everything from draping to making patterns to sewing and textiles. She started as an assistant designer and moved up to head designing working for contemporary labels and more. In starting her own company, Roze attributes her success to the experience she gained from other retailers. “[Past employers] definitely helped me to understand how the industry works from product development to working with buyers and finding out what they need,” said Roze.

In the future, Roze hopes to become a prominent brand in L.A., the U.S. and internationally as well. At the moment, the brand handles a lot of orders from the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Eventually, Roze wants to grow the label into more of a community brand. “I want to create the brand as a lifestyle brand with pieces you can wear from morning to night,” said Roze. Currently, Roze offers her athleisure collection online through her e-commerce site. She released some of the newest collection momentarily after the fashion show, which debuted recently. Over time, she will continue to introduce more upcoming styles.