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Oxfam to stage charity show during London Fashion Week

By Rachel Douglass


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Actor Felicity Jones wearing Oxfam for Second Hand September. Image: Oxfam

Charity retailer Oxfam is set to host another edition of its second-hand fashion show during the upcoming London Fashion Week, set to take place from February 17 to 21.

Entitled ‘Fashion Fighting Poverty 23’ and sponsored by Ebay, the event will see around 40 looks make their way down the catwalk, modelled by “personalities” in place of models.

The outfits have been curated by celebrity stylist and Oxfam’s independent fashion adviser Bay Garnett, who told the PA news agency that she has picked around 80 items of clothing, calling the use of second-hand clothing in such an event “absolutely essential”.

Speaking to the media outlet, Garnett said: “I mean, this is what people want to buy so much more now.

“So you can’t just have collections anymore that are just about new clothes because it would be out of touch with the climate, literally the climate, and also the climate of what people now want to be buying and wearing.”

Looks will feature a mix of second-hand designer items, vintage finds and some pre-loved high street clothing.

Following the show, each piece will be sold on Ebay in a week-long auction, with all money raised to be donated to Oxfam.

The charity’s retail director, Lorna Fallon, added: “Fashion Fighting Poverty is a celebration of Oxfam’s stylish, sustainable, second-hand fashion, which is better for our pockets, the planet and all its population.

“Unlike other shows at London Fashion Week, we don’t have a seasonal or new collection to display.

“Instead, looks will be styled to suit each individual on the catwalk. This reflects the joy of finding unique, affordable clothes and the vast choice in our shops where anyone can find something that works for them.”

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