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Pangaia partners with Snapchat on virtual try-on activation

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pangaia

Innovative fashion label Pangaia has revealed a new partnership with Snapchat involving a virtual try-on augmented reality (AR) campaign for its Grape Leather Sneaker range.

Through the AR experience, UK Snap users will be able to virtually try on the brand’s new sneaker range and swipe through colour options to view which style they prefer. Once selected, the user can swipe up to buy the shoe.

With its first virtual campaign, Pangaia hopes to reach its target Gen Z and Millennial buyer group by tapping into the “booming AR e-commerce market”, the company said in a release.

It joins the growing string of brands adopting AR experiences into their online communications, with many already exploring virtual try-on options throughout the pandemic in a bid to substitute in-store shopping.

Pangaia’s Grape Leather Sneakers are one of its many material innovations from its genderless collections. To create the shoe’s leather, the company uses Vegea, which utilises waste from the wine industry such as discarded grape skins and stalks.

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