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PETA expresses anger over Chanel’s use of horse in show

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Courtesy of Chanel, spring/summer 2022 Haute Couture Collection

Following Chanel’s autumn/winter 2022 shows, the luxury house has seen a significant amount of criticism regarding its use of a horse in the event.

To open the label’s haute couture show in Paris, the Princess of Hanover and Chanel ambassador, Charlotte Casiraghi, took to the runway on horseback sporting a black tweed jacket.

Much of the criticism questioned whether the use of a horse was animal abuse, with many asking Chanel to rethink the involvement of animals in a live, busy setting.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has now also spoken out about the display, expressing its distaste for the stunt which could have potentially caused harm to both the animal and the audience.

On PETA UK’s Twitter, it stated: “Horses are intelligent, complex and easily frightened individuals, not fashion accessories to ride down a catwalk amid flashing lights and booming.”

It added: “Horses are easily spooked, meaning that this absurd and thoughtless gimmick could have ended in disaster.”

In another Tweet, the organisation referenced a past Stella McCartney show where models donned animal costumes on the fur-free and leather-free runway, suggesting that Chanel should “take inspiration” from the likes of McCartney.

An additional comment by activist Aja Barber, under a Diet Prada Instagram post said: “Quick fashion! The planet’s on fire! We need to fix things stat! (Fashion puts a live horse on the runway.) I’m getting more and more tired of these antics when the industry should be reforming its ways.”

Chanel’s stunt has faced a series of criticism from various activists and fashion leaders, with some even accusing the brand of copying Hermés, which often adopts equestrian elements into its branding.

A Tweet by renowned fashion blogger, Bryan Boy, said: “Guys the rumours are true. Chanel is following the Hermés strategy. They now have a quota on bags.”

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