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PFWM: Hedi Slimane channels the 70s at Celine

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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A grey pinstripe suit, trousers cut with a slight flare over a tassled shoe. Hair is rockstar long, eyes covered with dark aviators. A red carnation in the lapel. And so opened Hedi Slimane’s latest show for Celine, an homage to the seventies, cum Mick Jagger, The Clash, and David Bowie, to name but a few icons of the day.

Shirt collars were worn over jackets and blousons. Some opened to three buttons down, a workman's vest peeking out from underneath. The leather jackets were fitted and cropped neat in the waist. I recall the look from Starsky & Hutch, but its a reference the majority of millionials won't have imprinted on their fashion psyches.

The show was slick, and look after look perfected a re-interpretations of the suave 70s, from the boot-cut denim to the floppy hair. There was controlled variance in Slimane's styling, who rarely ventures off-piste, save the cape that came at the finale.

When you break down the collection in retail sales those high-waisted jeans, swell boots, dandy jackets and accessories will be a surefire hit. But for the sake of authenticity, the Converse look-a-likes will be a better buy from Converse. Sometimes luxury houses interpreting streetwear isn't so bona fide.

Photo credit Celine website

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