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Puma brings together ambassadors to discuss racism

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Aug 27, 2020

Sports company Puma has brought together three of its best-known ambassadors, Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, Olympian Tommie Smith and football legend Thierry Henry, to have an honest conversation about racism in response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

In the video, entitled “Is Anyone Listening?”, the panel of Puma athletes talk about their experiences with racism, activism and their hopes for the future.

Tommie Smith, who raised his fist on the podium of the 1968 Olympic Games, to stand up for universal equality, expressed his disbelief that so many years after his silent protest that racism was still an issue around the world, while Hamilton talks about his experience as the only black driver in the predominantly white world of Formula 1.

“We knew it was imperative to highlight the stories of our athletes and ambassadors and bring them together to exchange personal stories, ideas for change, and educate the wider community,” said Adam Petrick, global director of brand and marketing at Puma. “We’re thrilled to give some of our most accomplished athletes a platform to discuss the impact they have made as activists in their respective sport.”

The campaign is part of Puma’s Reform platform that allows its ambassadors the chance to talk about causes and to encourage conversations around issues such as universal equality.

Image: courtesy of Puma