Q&Q celebrates Earth Day with 20 bar collection

Q&Q Smile Solar, the watch brand known for their efficient, cost effective, and color driven watches has introduced their 20 bar collection for spring/summer. The collection also marks the brand's celebration of Earth Day and their commitment to sustainable fashion.

Q&Q watches are born from the idea of a "quest for quality with affordable value." The watches are powered by an advanced solar technology that has been championed worldwide. One of the biggest advantage to Q&Q watches is they never need a battery replacement. In terms of being eco-conscious, they are also made from recycled plastic to minimize their environmental impact.

The 20 bar watch is suitable for water sports, and stays true to Q&Q's core product offerings with an accessible price point, fashionable design, and a commitment to eco-friendliness. Features of the watch include 20 bar water resistant casing, solar-powered technology that keeps the watch operating for 3.5 months after a single charge, and expert crafting from virgin and recycled materials.

The price point for the watch is 60 dollars, and it is available at store.qq.com.

Photo:courtesy of HL Group





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