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Ralph Lauren reveals ‘Intelligent Insulation’ apparel for Team USA Opening Ceremony

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Ralph Lauren

American design house Ralph Lauren has unveiled a sustainably-minded, temperature-responsive outfit for Team USA’s Winter Games Opening Ceremony look.

Designed using the house’s newest textile innovation, Intelligent Insulation, garments hold the possibility of transitioning through three seasons and from indoor to outdoor. The feature has been developed in consideration of attire that is often only worn for a short, seasonal time period, and therefore aims to eliminate the need for multiple garments.

The technology, created by innovator start-up Skyscrape, implements two materials that expand and contract at different rates in response to temperature changes. A drop in temperature sees the materials constrict, increasing the amount of insulation provided.

In a release, Ralph Lauren’s chief branding and innovation officer, David Lauren, expressed the company’s pride in providing innovative apparel to the Olympic team. He added: “For the very first time, you can have a singular item that provides incredible versatility and style, for a variety of temperatures, changing the way we can holistically think about the makeup of a consumer’s closet.”

The Opening Ceremony Uniform will include an anorak, featuring the new technology, a mid-layer jacket, pants, gloves and boots, all utilising recycled polyester fibre developed from post-consumer plastic bottles.

As part of the uniform’s debut, the brand will be releasing a virtual reality series centred around Team USA. Customers will be able to learn more about the technology used through immersive in-store installations or a headset.

Ralph Lauren