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Rapha and Outdoor Voices launch women's athleticwear collaboration

By Robyn Turk

Jun 25, 2020

Rapha and Outdoor Voices have launched a collaboration of women's cycling apparel. Bringing together the cycling brand's expertise of functional clothing and Outdoor Voices' reputation for athleticwear, the collection.

“Together with OV we set out to achieve a positive and inclusive experience for all women who love cycling, and also break down some of the barriers which can be a bit overwhelming," Maria Olsson, Rapha's head of design, explained in a company blog post. "We wanted to bring everyone along on the journey through the graphics and colors of the range, without compromising on the technical aspects that we are known for.”

The Rapha x Outdoor Voices collaboration features 13 clothing and accessory pieces including a windbreaker, a jersey, multiple shorts styles, a cropped T-shirt and a cap. The cap is unique in that it is Rapha's first cycling hat to feature a hole to accommodate a ponytail.

The collection is currently available through both brand's e-commerce sites, with prices ranging from 20 to 250 dollars.