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Rebag debuts image-recognition technology for luxury resale

By Robyn Turk

Feb 4, 2021


Rebag has unveiled a new extension of its proprietary pricing tool, Clair AI. The new software utilizes image recognition technology to instantly determine the resale value of luxury handbags.

Clair AI is powered by machine-learning and backed by six years of data and millions of image references collected by Rebag. The tool can currently recognize over 15,000 existing references and identify them with 91 percent accuracy. It allows users to scan a bag on their phone camera to determine its resale value. The technology can instantly identify the brand, model and style, then generate the price Rebag is willing to pay for that item.

Consumers may accept Rebag’s offer, either sending their item to the company via mail or visiting one of the seven store locations. Utilizing Clair AI does not lock a consumer in to selling with Rebag.

The tool works both with bags that are available in person and visual representations. This allows users to determine a fair estimate of an item at home, when shopping in-stores or even when shopping online. Clair AI works with any screens, so users can value bags found on social media, TV or even on a printed picture.

Rebag’s Clair AI intended to transform resale industry

The resale retailer first launched Clair in October 2019, with the intention of adding transparency and the process of selling pre-owned luxury bags. Short for “Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale,” Clair is designed to act as a standard pricing reference for resellers worldwide. The technology is not just limited to Rebag’s customers; the company allows anyone to use the software to determine an item’s value, whether they are buying, selling or simply curious.

Clair AI furthers Rebag’s goal by simplifying the software’s process even further. It eliminates guesswork or hesitation that many consumers face when purchasing a luxury item or choosing to sell. With Rebag’s technology, anyone can check the value of a bag, anywhere and at any time.

“Clair AI will transform the luxury resale industry forever,” Charles Gorra, Rebag’s founder and CEO commented. “From now on, anyone can scan and access the resale value of a handbag instantly, without any prior industry knowledge. With Clair AI, we are building on our promise of always providing total transparency and simplicity for resellers. Ultimately, we believe that accessible resale data points will redefine behaviors and move the luxury industry from a consumption mindset towards an investment one. No one should purchase a luxury product ever again without checking its resale value on Rebag first.”