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Rebecca Minkoff joins OnlyFans for NYFW engagement

By Robyn Turk

Feb 12, 2021


Rebecca Minkoff is planning to use OnlyFans to interact with her consumers during New York Fashion Week. The subscription-based platform, which allows content creators to directly connect with their audiences, has become quite notorious for its democratization of the sex-work industy - though its use extends far beyond.

The fashion designer will use her OnlyFans profile to share exclusive style content ahead of her upcoming New York Fashion Week show on February 16. Now available to follow, Minkoff’s profile features never-before-seen video content of past NYFW events and allows a glimpse into the life designer. She will also use the platform to share her entrepreneurial journey with her audience, expressing her story as a female founder within the fashion industry.

“I have always found it integral to know my customer and foster that relationship,” Minkoff explained in a press release. “I get asked similar questions about business and my career regularly, so it’s valuable to have a platform to share learnings and interact with my community.”

OnlyFans allows connection in the age of social distancing

Whether industry-facing or consumer-facing, all connections are harder to forge in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic - which is why brands and designers are turning to new outlets to create digital experiences with personal touches.

Rebecca Minkoff will present a Spring/Summer 2021 collection during NYFW, however the event is quite different from previous seasons. The label is limiting capacity to 16 guests within the space at a time, and safety precautions such as temperature checks, social distancing and face coverings will be instilled. The use of OnlyFans as an engagement tool will allow Minkoff and her label a more personal connection amidst these physical changes.

“It’s brilliant to hear how Rebecca plans to use the social platform to share her learnings as an accomplished fashion designer and business owner,” OnlyFans’ founder and CEO, Tim Stokely, commented.

Image: courtesy of Factory PR