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Rent the Runway addresses customer service issues

By Robyn Turk


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Rent the Runway is working to keep its users happy. The popular rental service has recently taken initiatives to improve its services and address common customer concerns.

Users had been complaining of prolonged wait times to speak to customer service representatives and dissatisfaction with the quality of help.

Forbes reported that Rent the Runway also sent an email to some subscribers listing improvements it is making. The improvements include two new email accounts customers can contact specifically to cancel or pause subscriptions, a larger customer service team, a Twitter account solely for customer service and a second fulfillment facility in Texas that will speed up the process of shipping and returns.

Rent the Runway asks customers for feedback to make improvements

These aren't the only initiatives the company is taking. On July 2, Rent the Runway hosted a "town hall" session via Twitter, providing customers the opportunity to engage with the company and in turn listening to their grievances.

The company also sent a survey a couple of weeks ago to its subscribers requesting opinions as to where improvements could be made. The survey addressed points including category expansion and increased subscription plans.

Last week, Rent the Runway announced an expansion of its drop-off network through a partnership with Nordstrom. It has introduced kiosks to four Nordstrom locations in Los Angeles where Rent the Runway users can quickly and easily return rented items without having to ship them back to the company.

Photo: via renttherunway.com

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