Rent the Runway teams with WeWork to expand accessibility

Rent the Runway has teamed with coworking rental space chain WeWork to open a network of clothing drop-off boxes. Available in the lobbies of 15 WeWork locations across the U.S., the drop-off boxes will operate the same way as those that had previously only been available in Rent the Runway’s physical stores.

The boxes allow subscribers to immediately return rented clothing items and free a slot in their subscription to order another item. Typically, renters must wait until shipped items are returned to Rent the Runway before the slot opens. The drop-off boxes in WeWork locations will be accessible to both the public and WeWork coworkers.

“This is really just the beginning,” Jennifer Hyman, chief executive officer of Rent the Runway, told Bloomberg. “We have subscribers in many places throughout the U.S. and with WeWork’s massive footprint, there’s huge opportunity to grow this drop-box network.”

WeWork provides working space to professional workers who need a stable internet connection and deskspace to work, with desks for solo workers as well as private office spaces for groups. The space provides amenities such as coffee, printers, office supplies, mailing services and private phone booths, and works on a monthly renting basis.

This new collaboration between Rent the Runway and WeWork provides an added convenience element for users of the clothing rental service and speaks to new habits of the American consumer. Last year, 36 percent of the American workforce worked in self-employed or freelance capacities, and the number is projected to reach 50.9 percent by 2027. WeWork currently has over 175 thousand members across 64 countries. At the same time, consumers are increasingly turning towards clothing rental services as a means to be more sustainable with their shopping choices and for the level of convenience in making choices clothing rental services provide.






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