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Rent the Runway unveils new membership option

By Robyn Turk

Mar 4, 2020

Fashion rental pioneer Rent the Runway has added a new tier to its subscription options. Called 2 Swap, the membership allows subscribers to receive two shipments of four pieces each month.

The 2 Swap subscription builds upon Rent the Runway's Update service, which allowed renters a single shipment of four pieces each month. The Update plan has now been renamed to 1 Swap. The company notified existing Update members of the name change to their plan via email on March 3, though did not offer these members an option to change their subscription to try out the 2 Swap service. Rent the Runway had previously surveyed existing customers to determine whether there would be interest in a subscription like 2 Swap.

Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Hyman

The 1 Swap membership remains priced at 89 dollars per month, as it was when it was called Update. 2 Swap costs 135 dollars per month, and Rent the Runway's Unlimited membership, which allows customers unlimited swaps, remains at 159 dollars per month. Each membership plan allows customers the option to increase the base rental of four items per time for an additional amount per month.

Rent the Runway is currently advertising 2 Swap on its website, with the option to try out the new membership option for 99 dollars for the first month.

Photos: Rent the Runway Facebook, courtesy of Rent the Runway