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Revolve launches brand ambassador program

By Rosalie Wessel

Nov 18, 2021


Image: Revolve, Facebook

Fashion retailer Revolve has launched a brand ambassador program.

Aimed at evolving its marketing strategy and setting precedents on what is next in the industry, the initiative relies on the Revolve community.

The program empowers everyday customers to work as influencers by interacting with brands and products. Encouraged through rewards, customers are then eligible to receive clothing credits, exclusive giveaways, early access to new brands and participation in trips and events.

Other incentives include top sellers being given the opportunity to create a capsule collection. The brand will place ambassadors in tiers that are established through their Instagram followings, with tier one requiring 100,000 followers, and tier four requiring a number upwards of 1 million followers.

Currently the soft-launch of the brand ambassador program has drawn in over 3,000 members and a waiting list of 10,000 applicants.

In order to join, Ambassadors must be vetted on a case-by-case basis, with successful applicants often having diverse platforms, a high quality visual approach to content, a history of engagement with followers or an audience. While this is not always the case, it has established an open framework of balance and diversity for members of the Revolve community.

“We are incredibly passionate about Revolve’s brand ambassador program, and the value it will bring to the customer experience. It leverages the combined strength of Revolve: influencer marketing, data, production and brand ideation. With this, we are creating new avenues for our community to exercise the power of influence,” said Raissa Gerona, chief brand officer at Revolve.

The brand’s in-house, proprietary technology also allows a product to social sharing process for people using the program. Ambassadors can create customized landing pages which work as storefronts, adding their own personalised curation of products and themes. Through the landing pages, ambassadors can then link it to their social channels.