Bright colors, bold prints and sportiness were the core essence of Ricardo Seco's fall/winter 2018 at New York Fashion Week. There was also one other element that couldn't go ignored: the political. Seco is crusading on with his anti-Trump message as statements like ""You can call me DACA but I'm the result of a dream come true ... I am an American," and ""DREAM," were emblazoned across his clothes.

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While most designers have softened on being so blatantly anti-Trump this season and have instead focused on women's empowerment, Seco is still going strong with spelling out his progressive message. Gone are the days when fashion and politics didn't go hand in hand, now the two can't exist without each other. Seco, who is Mexican himself, used fashion to celebrate America as the cultural melting pot it is.

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This was not only done through his use of actually spelled out messages, but, also, through his use of color and patterns. Just like how America is a collage of different people of all different races and ethnicities, his collection was a collage of colors and patterns that blended together to create something beautiful. There's power when you aren't afraid to let diverse things come together.

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It's not often that color in a collection can have such a subliminal message, but lest we forget what fashion has the power to do. In these trying times, we can look to fashion to empower us, for inspiration and to let the public know we won't be silenced. Seco was here for all of the aforementioned, culminating in an eclectic and inspiring collection.





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