Los Angeles - California-based apparel brand Richer Poorer launched over five years ago. This week, the brand added its first ever basics category by introducing a new line of women’s clothing.

The privately held company has prided itself on making everyday products better by putting an unique perspective on affordable clothing. Due to the nature of the brand’s mission, most of Richer Poorer’s merchandise consist of intricately designed socks. Including designs of graphic prints, striped patterns, and vibrant colors; the brand’s socks definitely provide a unique twist on everyday items. Currently besides socks, the label offers other merchandise such as menswear, womenswear, and children’s clothing. However, this is the brand’s first time offering women’s basics including crewnecks, t-shirts, muscle tanks and more. The label ranges in price from approximately 12 dollars up to 54 dollars. The basics line averages closer to around 30 dollars for each item.

The SoCal-based company just launched the new collection on June 28. Prior to the launch, Richer Poorer has mostly focused on their decorative apparel and socks for customers. The company has approximately 11-50 employees and is currently headquartered in Capistrano Beach. Although the reason for the basics lines was not stated, it’s likely that the company was attempting to bring in more casual, everyday wear items to their brand.





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