AltaRoma has confirmed that it has cancelled its Couture showcase, scheduled for January 31 to February 2, due to the lack of public funding.

The organisation, which usually holds two fashion weeks annually, has stated that it can’t afford to put on both next year due a funding deficit, and has decided to place all funds behind the summer edition, running July 11 to 15.

In a statement, AltaRoma president Silvia Venturini Fendi, explained: “I am fully aware of the dramatic situation in which we find ourselves and the critical issues facing each individual territorial Institution, but I feel it incumbent to point out that Altaroma is a subsidiary company which closes its annual financial statements with a profit and one that invests the majority of its resources in projects targeted at fostering development of the area and promoting Made-in-Italy.”

Fendi added: “I sincerely hope that thanks to the commitment of our shareholders we can overcome this impasse, because I am afraid that not only might we lose an opportunity that is vital to reconfirming trust in public intervention in support of development but also one that serves as a means of rebuilding hope in one of the most important production business on which our country can count for its own future recovery.”





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