Rosegal has decided to further enhance its website for its customers. The Asia-based fashion retailer has just relaunched with a new design as well as a more cohesive, efficient experience.

The new design allows customers to have an overall, easier shopping process. Customers can find items quicker and with greater accuracy. The website also features a zoom that lets shoppers see item details before purchasing. Additionally, there are reviews from other customers who have purchased the product that will become apparel on the website.

"We're always trying to improve the customer's shopping experience," said Leo Wang, COO of Rosegal. "We've received a great deal of positive feedback from shoppers about this and we're very pleased that it's having a big impact on our sales."

As a discount fashion site, the brand offers both menswear and womenswear including jewelry, shoes, accessories, and more. With the new changes, the online conversion rate for the site had increase by 10 percent and customer feedback on the design has been 80 percent positive.

The website also includes functions such as better site organization, use of algorithm for user data analysis, and icons for high-quality visual effects in order to create a better customer experience. Aligning with Rosegal's four-year anniversary, the website launch could mark a new turning point for the company.