SoulCycle teams up with Target for fitness collection

SoulCycle, known for its intense cycling classes, recently unveiled a new clothing collaboration. Teaming with retailer Target, the two came up with a capsule collection as well as free pop-up classes across the United States.

SoulCycle offers utilitarian athleisurewear with the fitness customer in mind. The brand’s clothing ranges from capri yoga pants, hoodie pullovers, workout tanks, and sweatpants. In price, SoulCycle typically operates at a higher level than Target, costing up to 132 dollars for a pullover sweater. In pairing with the budget-friendly retailer, the collection is closer in price point to Target’s clothing at 29-49 dollars, as reported by Well+Good. The idea of the collection is to bring together both fitness and style to appeal to customers to have a more active lifestyle. “SoulCycle embodies the inspiration and active lifestyle that Target is celebrating as part of its focus on wellness,” Jule Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, co-founders of SoulCycle, told Well+Good.

In addition to the capsule collection, the lifestyle brand will also bring workout classes on a tour throughout the U.S. These will include one-day and three-day event popups in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Houston, and more. The classes will have an emphasis on cycling, which is the core of SoulCycle's fitness.

Photo: Well + Good





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