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ST95 relaunches under Christopher Raeburn

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: ST95

British designer Christopher Raeburn has relaunched the menswear brand ST95, one year on from his appointment at the helm of the label.

Originally founded by Italian designer Massimo Osti in the mid-1990s, ST95 was acquired by UK-based Left Hand Studios Limited, which appointed Raeburn with the task of reinvigorating the brand for autumn/winter 2021.

The new identity will reimagine the brand’s original “sporty appeal”, with a youthful yet “responsibly-minded” approach. In the brand’s announcement, it stated: “The brand will be forward-thinking with a nod to the brand’s original roots, executed in an unexpected and contemporary way.”

The new collection will be of limited stock and showcased in a handpicked, select number of retailers, including Tessuti and Wellgosh. Inspired by military and utilitarian design elements, the range of outerwear was made using 100 percent recycled materials, falling in line with Raeburn’s Raemade ethos, which centres around the reuse and remake of garments.

Last year’s announcement of ST95’s acquisition closely followed that of Moncler’s take over of Stone Island, another Osti founded brand.