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Stefan Cooke to launch The Sims 4 menswear collection

By Rachel Douglass

Nov 18, 2021


Image: The Sims 4 x Stefan Cooke

London-based designer Stefan Cooke has revealed a menswear collection for the EA video game, The Sims 4.

Consisting of 23 pieces, The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit will feature a wide range of new-age menswear, available to international players as ‘Simified’ versions of Cooke’s real-world collections. Garments will include virtual jackets, trousers, suits and shoes, as well as some of what the designer considers to be his favourite pieces, such as the Varsity Coat with Skirt.

“Each material was carefully hand-painted to emulate the texture qualities by doing somewhat of a caricature of the details,” explained Vincent Joly, senior art director for The Sims, in a release. “Exaggerating the shapes and controlling the contrast to not look too busy or photorealistic, at the same time not reducing the details too much to lose the essence of the fabrics. Each piece was tuned to find that sweet spot.”

Image: The Sims 4 x Stefan Cooke

Created together with his partner Jake Burt, Cooke stated that he is looking forward to seeing users implement the kit into the Sims world and in real life.

“Fashion can be about identifying as part of something, but also as your own person. It’s both for community and individualism,” added Cooke. “That’s why fashion is so amazing. It can be the slightest thing, and it can really change how you feel about yourself or what you want to put across to the world.”

The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit by Stefan Cooke will be available beginning December 2, through multiple gaming console editions.