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Style Fashion Week moves from downtown LA to West Hollywood

By Sara Ehlers

Mar 8, 2016

Los Angeles - For this year’s spring fashion show, Style Fashion Week recently changed venues. Instead of hosting their curated list of designers at The Reef, in the heart of downtown, the event will debut at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The fashion week will take place from March 15-20.

Style Fashion Week has hosted fashion week events in previous years in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Dubai. When the fashion event was in Los Angeles, the venue was typically at The Reef. The new venue will encompass approximately 1.2 million square feet. The design center has hosted various events in the past including Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards. The center is also home to the MOCA, which hosts various art installations throughout the year. The building also consists of three other parts including the Center Green, Center Blue, and the Red Building.

Style Fashion Week moves venue to Pacific Design Center

By moving to West Hollywood, the company is using the new location as an integral part of branding. “As Style Fashion Week continues to build their industry platform through strategic partnerships with retailers and press, they are strengthening their efforts to support designers and brand,” the platform released in a statement. Founder and chief executive producer of the company Veronica Welch Kerzner wanted to keep the venue in its normal spot, but unfortunately the change was due. “We’ve outgrown what we could do downtown,” she told Apparel News. Additionally, Kerzner told the publication that there were issues previously with traffic and made it difficult to host the event in that location. Overall, the move to West Hollywood seemed to be the more logical choice for the fashion producer.

In the past, Style Fashion Week has hosted its Los Angeles fashion week showcasing local emerging and high-end designers. Previous designers include Nina B. Roze, Walter Mendez, Vanwolff, and more. The show typically last for the duration of 5-6 days and includes various designers from Los Angeles. In addition to Style Fashion Week, there are also two other fashion week events for the city including Arts Hearts Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week. The three independent events take place typically bi-annually throughout the year bringing together a triad of Los Angeles fashion week events.