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Taylor Stitch introduces Restitch recycle program

By Robyn Turk


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Menswear denim brand Taylor Stitch has launched a clothing recycling program. Called Restitch, the program allows customers to return Taylor Stitch denim items to the company for a trade-in credit between 15 and 25 dollars.

"Taylor Stitch products are built for the long haul, Restitch makes sure they get there," the company wrote on its website. We're giving our wares a second life and keeping them out of our landfills. Buy, sell, repair, renew—welcome to a better way to shop Taylor Stitch."

The San Francisco-based brand enlisted local company Yerdle to help it build its resale program. Yerdle handles the repair of returned denim items, which are then refurbished and sold on the Restitch website.

Items sold through Restitch are either slightly used or never worn, according to the site. All items "have been cleaned and repaired and are now good as new." Restitch items cost between 21 dollars for a T-shirt and 327 for a wool coat. Jeans retail between 52 and 106 dollars. Comparatively, a new pair of jeans from Taylor Stitch costs between 98 and 178 dollars.

"This type of platform is such a natural fit for its consumer–it’s like it’s helping protect their playground,” Taylor Stitch's founder and CEO Michael Maher told Fast Company. “We’re trying to shift that into the fashion space for the more everyday person, because we have a strong belief that this is something that needs to happen.”

Photo: Taylor Stitch/ Restitch website

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