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Tencel partners with over 40 brands to combat carbon emissions

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Lenzing

Sustainable textile brand Tencel has partnered with over 40 brands, influencers at NGOs for its #MakeItFeelRight movement in order to combat carbon emissions.

Having already generated more than 7,500 pledges, the aim of the movement is to contribute to the global reforestation effort in order to help save the planet. Each pledge results in a tree being planted.

“Carbon emissions are a global problem and as such must have global solutions. As a partner of the #MakeItFeelRight campaign we strongly believe that Tencel’s sustainability initiatives, which are enabled by brands and driven by consumers, are a great way to make a positive impact through reforestation,” said Diana Chaplin of One Tree Planted.

Tencel has gained the support of sustainable activists like Xenia Adonts, Lily Cole and Chen Ai Ling, as well as brands such as Boyish, Reformation and Lavender Hill.

The brand has also partnered with artist Bodil Jane in order to create artwork for the campaign, which was then featured on the campaign website.

“We could not be happier to endorse such an exciting, timely and effective moment,” said Jordan Nordarse, founder and CEO of Boyish. “As an environmentally friendly brand, Boyish has been working with Tencel for several years and values the brand’s similar principles and stalwart approach to sustainability.”

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